Land Governance & Natural Resource Management

COLANDEF aims to make a difference in the lives of small holder land users by improving the security of land rights of rural small holder land users, particularly, farmers.


Key areas of attention under our land governance and natural resources thematic area include;
  • Public awareness campaigns on land laws, land rights and the mechanisms available for protection of land rights
  • Capacity enhancement programs for customary land authorities
  • Institutional strengthening for increased participation and inclusion in land customary land governance
  • Technical support in managing the processes and impacts of large scale investments in customary lands

Local Governance

Our local governance programs focus on increasing the participation and inclusion of the urban poor in the governance of the development processes for their community.


We achieve this through;
  • Community mobilization, sensitization and training
  • Facilitating the preparation of community development plans
  • Coaching and mentoring of community leaders in proposal writing, fundraising and project management
  • Facilitating the engagement between local government authorities and community members

Gender Mainstreaming

In COLANDEF, gender is considered both as a standalone development agenda as well as a mainstreaming agenda that merits consideration in every development program.
Gender is mainstreamed in all programs and activities.

COLANDEF undertakes gender analysis, gender training and gender sensitive programming.


Policy Research & Policy Advocacy

Research is an integral part of COLANDEF’s work. This is done for various purposes but very often; this is done to inform the design of interventions and in defining outcomes to expect. It is also to provide evidence for our advocacy actions and define advocacy strategies.